All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2013

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2013.

25 of 1139 entries are shown.
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1 Accounting Allen, Lucas Domenic
2 Accounting Cehic, Matthew Gaetano
3 Accounting Forman, Madison
4 Accounting Jonas, Samuel
5 Accounting Lesan, Isabela Rose
6 Accounting McGuinness, Lachlan
7 Accounting Pavan, Elyse Alexandra
8 Accounting Portolesi, Rocky
9 Accounting Tosolini, Jason Mark
10 Accounting Tsymbal, Alexander
11 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Jenke, Kahlia Marie
12 Agricultural and Horticultural Science Fairlie, William Charles
13 Arabic (Continuers) El-Rifai, Ayatallah
14 Arabic (Continuers) Iskeirjeh, Sara
15 Australian and International Politics Brown, Zoe Laura
16 Biology Allen, Lucas Domenic
17 Biology An, Yanbing
18 Biology Ao, Raymond
19 Biology Arman, Bridget
20 Biology Arthur, Lachlan William
21 Biology Baig, Mahanoor
22 Biology Bristow, Thomas Cameron
23 Biology Chaudhuri, Debajyoti Dam
24 Biology Chia Ee, Tan
25 Biology Child, Brittany Dorothy Amelia
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