All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2003

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2003.

50 of 1306 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies McCallum, Sophie Frances
2 Aboriginal Studies Pike, Miranda Adele
3 Aboriginal Studies Wilson, Amber Jade
4 Accounting Studies Au, Wai Ting (Yolander)
5 Accounting Studies Canale, Alexander Samuel
6 Accounting Studies Condous, Kosta Paul
7 Accounting Studies Feo, Rebecca Rosamaria
8 Accounting Studies Forbes, Heather
9 Accounting Studies Fussell, Kelly Marie
10 Accounting Studies Hart, Cadence
11 Accounting Studies Hicks, Jasmin Louise
12 Accounting Studies Hu, Junlan
13 Accounting Studies Humphray, Stefanie Vonne
14 Accounting Studies Jarzabek, Cheryl Anne
15 Accounting Studies Kanter, Anna
16 Accounting Studies Martin, Alastair
17 Accounting Studies McRostie, Cherie Elise
18 Accounting Studies Ruan, Zheng
19 Accounting Studies Sarantaugas, Alexi
20 Accounting Studies Schutz, Leanne
21 Accounting Studies Stewart, Benjamin
22 Accounting Studies Tolley, Sarah Anne
23 Accounting Studies Virgin, Mark David
24 Accounting Studies Watson, Melissa Elizabeth Rose
25 Accounting Studies Woo, Sindy
26 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles O'Brien-Powell, Whitney
27 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Haskett, Jacqueline Anne
28 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies I Halstead, Peter
29 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies I Paiva, Joe
30 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies II Austin, Lyn
31 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies II Austin, Robin
32 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies II Nuske, Kaylene
33 Analytical Studies Chatterton, Andrew William
34 Analytical Studies Coxon, Benedict Francis
35 Art Practical Anderson, Laura Jane
36 Art Practical Bevan, Hannah
37 Art Practical Heritage, Helen
38 Art Practical Johnston, Helen Margaret
39 Art Practical Kelly, Corinne
40 Art Practical Lambos, Elaine
41 Art Practical McGlone, Brian Roy
42 Art Practical Mignone, Jessica
43 Art Practical Newton, Sarah
44 Art Practical Oliver, Dane Phillip
45 Art Practical Paphitis, Katherine
46 Art Practical Ramsey, Courtney Jane
47 Art Practical Watson, Amy Joy
48 Australian History Anderson, Katherine
49 Australian History Brookman, Tom
50 Australian History Karlsson, Rebecca Carlene
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