All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2009

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2009.

50 of 988 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies Hannigan, Jamie Lee
2 Accounting Studies Al-Moughraby, Waleed
3 Accounting Studies Andrewartha, Thomas William
4 Accounting Studies Arnold, Samuel Luke
5 Accounting Studies Beltrame, Anthony
6 Accounting Studies Carpinelli, Thomas David
7 Accounting Studies Goldfinch, Andrew Ian
8 Accounting Studies Jeong, Kookhee
9 Accounting Studies Jordan, James Richard
10 Accounting Studies Lai, Pik Kaye
11 Accounting Studies Miholos, Jacqueline Eleni
12 Accounting Studies Ratnarajah, Venetia Rajini
13 Accounting Studies Rigon, Daniel
14 Accounting Studies Sreedhar, Arjun
15 Accounting Studies Taylor, Samuel Marc
16 Accounting Studies Totani, Joel Serge
17 Accounting Studies Wu, Juliana Lam
18 Accounting Studies Zoina, James Joseph
19 Agricultural and Horticultural Enterprise Nitschke, Benjamin Joseph
20 Art Practical Carbone, Bianca Megan
21 Art Practical Carletti, Alexander David
22 Art Practical Dooley, Sophia Grace
23 Art Practical Eustace, Sarah Jade
24 Art Practical Mitolo, Carly Sophia
25 Art Practical Searson, Laura Rose
26 Art Practical Tatarelli, Adele
27 Art Practical Trenorden, Huw Rabone
28 Art Practical Tsoubarakis, Nicole
29 Arts and the Community Allen-Stephens, Kristy Lee
30 Arts and the Community Clifton, Rebekah
31 Arts and the Community Coad, Ben
32 Arts and the Community de Lisio, Thomas Dominic
33 Arts and the Community Foreman, Jake
34 Arts and the Community McOmish, Cameron
35 Arts and the Community Mifsud, Christopher Charles
36 Arts and the Community Musolino, Stephanie Rose
37 Arts and the Community Pinkie, Robert
38 Arts and the Community Pitman, Rachael Anne-Marie
39 Arts and the Community Schmucker, Josiah Jeffrey
40 Arts and the Community I Bugeja, Angus Norton
41 Arts and the Community I Garlett, Rose
42 Arts and the Community I Steinert, Shakira Lynda Joy
43 Arts and the Community I Wotton, Paris Mary
44 Australian and International Politics Buckland, Prudence Kathleen
45 Australian and International Politics Hill-Smith, Harry
46 Australian History Wegener, Melissa Lee
47 Biology Altus, Emilee
48 Biology Black-Tiong, Sean Patrick
49 Biology Borg, Matthew Anthony
50 Biology Branson, Victoria Mary
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