All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2000

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2000.

50 of 1375 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies Corbell, Priscilla
2 Aboriginal Studies Hamer, Heather
3 Aboriginal Studies Perry, Judith Louise
4 Aboriginal Studies Redding, Tamara Amy
5 Accounting Nelligan, Frances Adele
6 Accounting Studies Besanko, Matthew John
7 Accounting Studies Bigg, Kim Robert
8 Accounting Studies Eckermann, Jarrod Scott
9 Accounting Studies Fensom, Matthew John
10 Accounting Studies Garry, Michael Ronald
11 Accounting Studies Haltis, Marissa
12 Accounting Studies Holmes, Peter David
13 Accounting Studies Johnson, Elizabeth Sanchia
14 Accounting Studies Kwiatkowski, Monika Marta
15 Accounting Studies Lovell, Jennifer Ann
16 Accounting Studies Mangion, John Charles
17 Accounting Studies Murphy, Elizabeth
18 Accounting Studies O'Reilly, Merrin Louise
19 Accounting Studies Olver, Christopher Lee
20 Accounting Studies Pearce, Jacqueline Su Ling
21 Accounting Studies Talavanic, Dino
22 Agricultural and Horticultural Management I Slaghekke, Linda
23 Agricultural and Horticultural Practice II Harris, Paul Samuel
24 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Harris, Paul Samuel
25 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles II Wilson, Kate
26 Agricultural and Horticultural Science Young, Karen
27 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Faint, Justin
28 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Post, Daniel
29 Ancient History Kennedy, Timothy
30 Ancient History Sypek, Matthew
31 Applied Mathematics Cohen, Shaheen
32 Applied Mathematics Gregor, Karen
33 Applied Mathematics Hincks, Joanne Denise
34 Applied Mathematics Seddon, Mark
35 Applied Mathematics Symons, Hannah
36 Art Practical Alderson, Fiona
37 Art Practical Back, Celia K
38 Art Practical Codrington, Susanne Kaye
39 Art Practical Congdon, Leora Gem
40 Art Practical Ferguson, Judy Carol
41 Art Practical Firns, Elwen Jelena
42 Art Practical Foenander, Eric Gerard
43 Art Practical Frigo, Stella A
44 Art Practical Gramp, Prudence Elizabeth
45 Art Practical Kenny, Gabrielle Lauren
46 Art Practical Lauder, Jessica
47 Art Practical Lindsay, Karen Michelle
48 Art Practical MacGillivray, Hugh Seymour
49 Art Practical Mignone, Louisa
50 Art Practical Nou, Xavia
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