All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2004

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2004.

50 of 1167 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies McCallum, Emilie Charlotte
2 Accounting Studies Allen, Laura Jane
3 Accounting Studies Brown, Nicole
4 Accounting Studies Buckingham, Peter Rowan
5 Accounting Studies Chen, Christina
6 Accounting Studies Joyce, Benjamin James
7 Accounting Studies Li, Lin Lin
8 Accounting Studies Luciano, Daniella Giuseppina
9 Accounting Studies Nguyen, Jonathan
10 Accounting Studies Palma, Rozanne
11 Accounting Studies Selby, Philip
12 Accounting Studies Sheahan, Phoebe Jane Donaldson
13 Accounting Studies Tallis, Philippa Helen
14 Accounting Studies Wee, Cassandra Hui San
15 Accounting Studies Wenzel, Tara Celeste
16 Accounting Studies Wilkinson, Sophie Grace
17 Agricultural and Horticultural Practice Hinze, Stewart William
18 Agricultural and Horticultural Science Marshall, Erica Morgan
19 Art Practical Abbs, Simone
20 Art Practical Allen, Laura Jane
21 Art Practical Budarick, Angelica May
22 Art Practical Gilmore, Charlotte Jeanette
23 Art Practical Kaden, Sophie Louise
24 Art Practical Lantieri, Laura
25 Art Practical Lewis, Kate Marie
26 Art Practical Mason, Sarah Jane
27 Art Practical Schwark, Stephen Charles
28 Art Practical Thring, Harry Rosebery
29 Art Practical Williams, Elizabeth Rose
30 Art Practical Wu, Yu
31 Australian History Millevoi, Fuchsia Lucy
32 Australian History Othams, Sage Narelle
33 Australian History Spencer, Rebecca Louise
34 Australian History Thomas, Alicia Elva
35 Australian History Thorne, William
36 Biology Arbon, Matthew
37 Biology Beasley, Abbie Seon
38 Biology Bell, Catie Sarah
39 Biology Bell, Lucinda Kate
40 Biology Biven, Kate Amanda
41 Biology Bruce, Verity Jane
42 Biology Carr, Melody Sunshine
43 Biology Chen, Christina
44 Biology Cooper, Emily Victoria
45 Biology Cowley, Renee Karen
46 Biology Cranwell, Sarah Jayne
47 Biology Dannenberg, Alke
48 Biology Doolette, Casey
49 Biology Duan, Mubing
50 Biology Granchi, Nelson
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