All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2011

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2011.

50 of 1024 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies Bishop-Thorpe, Alissa Lyn
2 Accounting Barbaro, Antonio
3 Accounting Bava, Joseph
4 Accounting Borg, Malcolm Joseph
5 Accounting Chin, Athena Sue Cheng
6 Accounting Gentilcore, Matthew
7 Accounting Grieger, Tessa Eileen Rose
8 Accounting Hollis, Brad
9 Accounting Iannella, Monique
10 Accounting Lao, Allen
11 Accounting Marateo, Daniel Carmine
12 Accounting Mullins, Dillon Ryan
13 Accounting Villarosa, Cameron
14 Accounting Williams, Elisia Alessandra
15 Agricultural and Horticultural Management Laubsch, Heidi Louise
16 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Page, Temiera Marie
17 Arts and the Community Harris, Samara
18 Australian and International Politics Henshaw, Roxanna
19 Biology Aluthwala, Oshadha Udara
20 Biology Amberg, Benjamin James
21 Biology Bain, Madeleine Sophia
22 Biology Bennett, Melissa Kelly
23 Biology Borg, Malcolm Joseph
24 Biology Calabrese, Claudia
25 Biology Carnell, Rebecca
26 Biology Chamberlayne, Briony Kate
27 Biology Chooi, Kathrina Ying Lai
28 Biology Cox, Charlotte Larissa Marguerite
29 Biology de Angelis, Carla Nicole
30 Biology de Cicco, Peter Anthony
31 Biology Foley, Katarina Penfold
32 Biology Fox, Catherine Clare
33 Biology Galloway, Melanie Louise
34 Biology Gaughwin, Emily Claire
35 Biology Gazzard, Sally
36 Biology Grove-Jones, Anna
37 Biology Guscott, Jake Callum
38 Biology Hazell, Lucy Claire
39 Biology Henry, Madeleine Alexandra
40 Biology Herd, Jarryd
41 Biology Heynemann, Holly Jay
42 Biology Hiwase, Mrunal
43 Biology Ho, Ngoc-Thuy-Vi Sophia
44 Biology Hunter, Roseanna Elizabeth
45 Biology Inverarity, Jennifer Fay
46 Biology Janus, Lauren Tamara
47 Biology Joy, Aswin
48 Biology Kelly, Emma Whitney
49 Biology Kenny, Claire
50 Biology Laslett, Kirby
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