All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2006

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2006.

25 of 1096 entries are shown.
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1 Accounting Studies Bain, Georgia Mary
2 Accounting Studies Ciccarello, Lorenzo
3 Accounting Studies Kardachi, Thomas Edward
4 Accounting Studies La Paglia, Domenic
5 Accounting Studies Lucas, Chelsea
6 Accounting Studies Muecke, Stephanie Laura
7 Accounting Studies Noonan, Elizabeth Jane
8 Accounting Studies Phillips, William Giles
9 Accounting Studies Shadiac, Matthew Anthony
10 Accounting Studies Trainor, Courtenay Jay
11 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Jacobs, Asher Timothy
12 Art Practical Ashby, Alice
13 Art Practical Chew, Ruby Alice
14 Art Practical English, Dena Jay
15 Art Practical Koerner, Bethany
16 Art Practical Zaccardo, Cassandra
17 Arts and the Community Attard, Nikki Jean
18 Arts and the Community Barclay, Jillian
19 Arts and the Community Bolton, Sable Reid
20 Arts and the Community Burgers, Ann
21 Arts and the Community Freeling, Heather Lynne
22 Arts and the Community Gluis, Hayley Ann Jane
23 Arts and the Community Hughes, Olwyne Margaret
24 Arts and the Community Morton, Rebecca Kate
25 Arts and the Community O'Donohue, Ashleigh Maree
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