All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2010

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2010.

50 of 1034 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies Mitchell, Sarah Kate
2 Accounting Studies Ceravolo, Josephine
3 Accounting Studies Della-Verde, Jessica Carmen
4 Accounting Studies Dubbioso, Genessa
5 Accounting Studies Fregona, Matthew James
6 Accounting Studies Holland, Patrick Thomas
7 Accounting Studies Koltun, Edward Michael
8 Accounting Studies Koutlakis, Panayioti
9 Accounting Studies Lawrie, Miranda Rose
10 Accounting Studies Le, Christopher
11 Accounting Studies Li, Chaonan
12 Accounting Studies Lu, Billy
13 Accounting Studies Mach, Lam Sung
14 Accounting Studies Maio, Stephen
15 Accounting Studies Morante, Brianna Marie
16 Accounting Studies Pietsch, Kristen Ann
17 Accounting Studies Razzano, Elisa
18 Accounting Studies Ricci, Kristian Generoso
19 Accounting Studies Sale, Harriette Marie
20 Accounting Studies Schilling, Henry Paul
21 Accounting Studies Wagstaff, Alana Caroline
22 Agricultural and Horticultural Management Hosking, Lisa Judith
23 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Calvert, Christina Andrea
24 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Heinze, Jacob David
25 Agricultural and Horticultural Science Arnfield, Samuel Richard
26 Art Practical Souvertjis, Alexis Suzanne
27 Art Practical Sugars, Daisy Lorraine
28 Art Practical Wall, Tahlia Emma
29 Art Practical Wolff, Henry
30 Arts and the Community Baldock, Kayla
31 Arts and the Community Bates, Stephanie Kaye
32 Arts and the Community Cook, Shane
33 Arts and the Community Hollett, Aysha
34 Arts and the Community Jones, Aidan Ryan
35 Arts and the Community I Frahn, Rachel Anne
36 Arts and the Community I Promnitz, Jessica Kathleen
37 Arts and the Community II Promnitz, Jessica Kathleen
38 Australian and International Politics Ashby, Rheannon
39 Australian and International Politics Bitmead, Alice Kimberley Harrowfield
40 Australian and International Politics Lock-Weir, Lucie
41 Australian History Szumylo, Mary Elizabeth
42 Biology Andrawos, Alice
43 Biology Arnold, Matthew
44 Biology Au, John
45 Biology Au, Tony
46 Biology Barnes, Lauren Amy
47 Biology Bettison, Thomas Craig
48 Biology Brown, Anita
49 Biology Brown, Nicholas James
50 Biology Burlak, Kateryna
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