All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2005

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2005.

50 of 1090 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies Abbott, Stacey
2 Aboriginal Studies Lyndell, Lyndell
3 Accounting Studies Calleja, Joanna Anita
4 Accounting Studies Chan, Lui Sum (Sam)
5 Accounting Studies Collins-McBride, Campbell
6 Accounting Studies De Gennaro, Bianca
7 Accounting Studies Gunawardena, Shayan Nilupul
8 Accounting Studies Matthews, Natalie
9 Accounting Studies Morris, Lauren
10 Accounting Studies Salandra, Susanna
11 Accounting Studies Sarantaugas, Elena
12 Accounting Studies Wilson, David
13 Accounting Studies Wu, Shuang
14 Accounting Studies Yam, Charmaine Hiu-Ying
15 Agricultural and Horticultural Management Noble, Michael David
16 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Foxwell, Tony James
17 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Hunt, Evan James
18 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Noble, Michael David
19 Agricultural and Horticultural Science Golder, Helen Marie
20 Analytical Studies Griffiths, Bryan Wayne
21 Art Practical Adriaanse, Katherine Jane
22 Art Practical Crowder, Sarah
23 Art Practical Fitzgerald, Tegan Jade
24 Art Practical Gerrard, Isabelle Mary
25 Art Practical Petiet, Adrian Keith
26 Arts and the Community Cap, Daniel Justin
27 Arts and the Community Dunstan, Jed McKinnon
28 Arts and the Community Marcus, Benjamin
29 Arts and the Community Nash, Jessica Moya
30 Arts and the Community Norton, Chantel
31 Arts and the Community Putland, Bronwyn
32 Arts and the Community Slater, Derek Henry
33 Arts and the Community Tuske, David Gergely
34 Arts and the Community I Cahill, Shane
35 Arts and the Community I Rudd, Joan
36 Arts and the Community I Whitley, Sharon
37 Australian and International Politics Apsimon, Victoria Louise
38 Australian and International Politics Rafalowicz, Josef
39 Australian and International Politics Reeves, David Llewellyn
40 Australian History Anderton, Jordan
41 Australian History Assels, Jennifer
42 Australian History Brow, Adam
43 Australian History Fantinel, Kate Mary
44 Australian History Hobbs, Bridget Allison
45 Australian History O'Riley, Charee
46 Australian History Wiebrecht, Kelly Megan
47 Biology Adriaanse, Katherine Jane
48 Biology Ajdari, Hila
49 Biology Allen, Gabrielle Janet
50 Biology Amery-Gale, Jemima
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