All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2020

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2020.

50 of 1268 entries are shown.
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1 Accounting Gerard, Henry James
2 Accounting Lennon, Dylan Matthew
3 Accounting Lillecrapp, Darcy Hugh
4 Accounting Mukherjee, Shiva Kim
5 Accounting Nguyen, Danny
6 Accounting Ooi, Sean Xuan Ye
7 Accounting Singh, Yuvraj Achal
8 Accounting Tregenza, Samuel David
9 Agricultural Production Atwal, Deepak Singh
10 Agricultural Production Llewellyn, Angus William
11 Agricultural Production Paige, Felicity Jayne
12 Agricultural Production Walker-Hart, Alexandria Mary
13 Agricultural Systems Blenkiron, Lucy Grace
14 Agricultural Systems Langsmith, Angus Edward
15 Ancient Studies Arens, Jennifer Ann (Jenny)
16 Ancient Studies Behrens, Maximillian James
17 Ancient Studies Grout, Danielle
18 Ancient Studies Kelsey-Evans, Lori Erin
19 Ancient Studies Kimber, Felix Richard
20 Ancient Studies Mulrooney, Isobella
21 Ancient Studies Tallent, Olivia Emily
22 Arabic (Continuers) Mohammad, Raghad
23 Australian and International Politics Timms, Jessica Jade
24 Biology Anderson, Eleanor
25 Biology Arens, Jennifer Ann (Jenny)
26 Biology Balamuthukrishnan, Kanchna
27 Biology Banko, Jacquelyn Tanisha
28 Biology Barani, Rosanna Gillian
29 Biology Bui, Emily Minh-An
30 Biology Chadwick, Georgia Fay
31 Biology Chan, Nicole Sheong Ling
32 Biology Chen, Liwei
33 Biology Chew, Jessica Ying An
34 Biology Chybinski, Emily Jasmine
35 Biology Coles, Robyn Leigh
36 Biology Edwards, Lachlan James
37 Biology Elias, Giovanni
38 Biology Elliott, Aleisha
39 Biology Faisal, Amaima
40 Biology Feltus, Alyssa Carly
41 Biology Gauci, Alexandra Kate
42 Biology Gouskos, Peta
43 Biology Guglielmucci, Lara
44 Biology Haider, Hania
45 Biology Hansch-Maher, Silas Luis Horatio
46 Biology Hawker, Jessica
47 Biology Heaver, Trent
48 Biology Helbig, Alana Grace
49 Biology Henry, Eimear
50 Biology Hunter, Phoebe Jean
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2023
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