All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2002

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2002.

50 of 1272 entries are shown.
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1 Aboriginal Studies Beaty, Lauren Marie
2 Aboriginal Studies Beer, Kelly
3 Aboriginal Studies Lord, Wendy
4 Accounting Studies Aistrope, Chelsea Frame
5 Accounting Studies Bayly, Alastair Lawes
6 Accounting Studies Cooper, Joel Lachlan
7 Accounting Studies Cumpston, Anne Elizabeth
8 Accounting Studies Darsow, William Ross
9 Accounting Studies DiMaio, Monique
10 Accounting Studies Garry, Aaron Marcus
11 Accounting Studies Holmes, Scott Michael
12 Accounting Studies McCallum, Benjamin Michael John
13 Accounting Studies O'Boyle, Kate Angela
14 Accounting Studies Peng, Hui Juan (Natalie)
15 Accounting Studies Ralph, Dan Michael
16 Accounting Studies Spizzo, Paul Christopher
17 Accounting Studies Walker, Lauren Marie
18 Accounting Studies Warwood, Samuel James
19 Accounting Studies Will, Matthew
20 Accounting Studies Willson, Edward Ian Fleming
21 Accounting Studies Zhang, Na Wen
22 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Falcinella, Steven Emil
23 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies I Bishop, Mary-Lou
24 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies I Davis, Brenda
25 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies II Davis, Brenda
26 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies II Hankel, Kirsty Ann
27 Applied Mathematics Bain, Jacqueline Alice
28 Applied Mathematics Joseph, Kellie Jade
29 Applied Mathematics Maddern, Natalie Jayne
30 Applied Mathematics Roberts, Garri Heath
31 Arabic (Continuers) Haddad, Julie
32 Art Practical Bell, Seth Jonathan
33 Art Practical Booth, Kathryn Elizabeth
34 Art Practical Buer, Sharon Deborah
35 Art Practical Callander, Helen Margaret
36 Art Practical Deegan, Claire
37 Art Practical Duncanson, Krystle Shannin
38 Art Practical Gold, Justine Frances
39 Art Practical Herriot, Elysia
40 Art Practical Krause, Bianca
41 Art Practical McMahon, Catherine
42 Art Practical Miller, Kay Elizabeth
43 Art Practical Roberts, Rebecca
44 Art Practical Salini, Paula
45 Art Practical Schell, Karen Ruth
46 Art Practical Smith, Cassie Leanna
47 Art Practical Steadman, Melanie
48 Art Practical Sullivan, Sandra Lorraine
49 Art Practical Yates, Catherine
50 Australian History Fahey, Cecilia
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