All Merit Awards by Subject, South Australia, 2014

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2014.

50 of 1176 entries are shown.
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1 Accounting Al-Moughraby, Ramzy
2 Accounting Barker, Jessica Molly
3 Accounting Bhindi, Pooja
4 Accounting Cheng, Jiahao (William)
5 Accounting Kato, Yu
6 Accounting Kelly, Tyler Jordan
7 Accounting La Paglia, Gabriel
8 Accounting Pears, Sam Thomas Hoad
9 Accounting Pisaniello, Jade
10 Accounting Taylor, Zoe
11 Accounting Willson, Kurtis
12 Agricultural and Horticultural Principles Zimmermann, Leah Melanie
13 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Innes, Lauren Amy
14 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies Liebelt, Tahlia Renee
15 Agricultural and Horticultural Studies O'Dea, Molly Rose
16 Arts and the Community Attwood, Roechelle Jessica
17 Australian and International Politics Parsons, Tyler Robert
18 Australian and International Politics Walsh, Kate Rhiannon
19 Biology Ang, Terence Wee-Xiang
20 Biology Blacketer, Isabelle Rose
21 Biology Camacho, Matthew Thomas
22 Biology Camilos, Claudia
23 Biology Caputo, Brooke Lil
24 Biology Chand, Simran Jessica
25 Biology Chao, Jessica
26 Biology Chew, En-Lih
27 Biology Childs, Lisa Jane
28 Biology Chitrarasu, Mahendra
29 Biology Cobiac, Ellie Ann
30 Biology Collins, Kate Eliza
31 Biology Crossman, Mason Henry
32 Biology Dearing, Harrison James
33 Biology Engelbrecht, Zander
34 Biology Gordon, Madeline Kate
35 Biology Griffin, Brooke
36 Biology Haj Ali, Wala Hamid
37 Biology Harrison, Ella Julia
38 Biology Holland-Smith, Lucy Therese
39 Biology Hong, Trudy Qiu di
40 Biology Jones, Sarah Melissa
41 Biology Kheng, Siok Ping
42 Biology Linnell, Darcie Rose
43 Biology Ly, Cindy
44 Biology Mackenzie, Alistair Mel Arthurs
45 Biology Malhotra, Rahul
46 Biology Matthews, Stacey
47 Biology McPhail, Connor
48 Biology Moran, Hollie Christina
49 Biology Murray, Tess Catherine
50 Biology Musgrove, Erica Lindsay
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2023
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