SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2009

This report lists every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2009, along with their school and subject details.

25 of 1041 entries are shown.
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1 Abineri, Lauren Alice   SA Merit Visual Arts Studies
2 Adams, Chantal Elisha   SA Merit Mathematics and the Community
3 Afford, Dudley James   SA Merit Lifestyle and the Community
4 Agutter, Jordan Griffith   SA Merit Modern History
5 Aikins, Lauren   SA Merit Psychology
6 Aitchison, Demi   SA Merit Physical Education
7 Al-Moughraby, Waleed   SA Merit Accounting Studies
8 Al-Moughraby, Waleed   SA Merit Business Studies
9 Alexander, Stephanie Caroline   SA Merit Visual Arts Studies
10 Allan, Phoebe   SA Merit Food and Hospitality Studies
11 Allen, Joshua Phillip   SA Merit Contemporary Issues and Science
12 Allen, Kyle Matthew   SA Merit Design, Construction and the Community I
13 Allen, Michelle Lara   SA Merit English Communications
14 Allen, Sarah Jane   SA Merit English Communications
15 Allen, Sarah Jane   SA Merit Visual Arts Studies
16 Allen-Stephens, Kristy Lee   SA Merit Arts and the Community
17 Allison, Benjamin   SA Merit English Communications
18 Altus, Emilee   SA Merit Biology
19 Altus, Emilee   SA Merit English Studies
20 Altus, Emilee   SA Merit Food and Hospitality Studies
21 Altus, Emilee Kate Tatachilla Lutheran College Mclaren Vale Australian Student Prize  
22 Alvino, Marcus James   SA Merit Chemistry
23 Ambrosi, Stephanie Marie   SA Merit Studies of Societies
24 Anastasiou, Peter Geoffrey   SA Merit Geography
25 Andreoni, Fabian   SA Merit Small Business Enterprise
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