Subject Special Prizes, South Australia, 2021

This report lists the students who were awarded a subject special prize or medal in 2021.

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1 Prize: Annie Montgomerie Martin Prize and Medal for Modern History Modern History Zhao, Chi Chi
2 Prize: Australian Institute of Physics Prize - Bronze Bragg Medal Physics Pham, Anthony
3 Prize: Don Maynard Music Prize Music Jia, Canyu (Alice)
4 Prize: Don Maynard Music Prize Music Milton, Jasmine
5 Prize: Hardwicke College Prize Biology Murray, Isabell Grace
6 Prize: John Lewis Medal and Prize Geography Truong, Pham Gia Loc
7 Prize: Tennyson Medal English Studies Lennox, Amber
Source: SACE Board of South Australia.
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2023
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