SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2021

This is the SACE Honour Roll, listing every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2021, along with their school and subject details.

The report also includes significant Australian national awards and prizes such as the Australian Student Prize.

50 of 1311 entries are shown.
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1 Abaid, Hamayel   SA Merit Biology
2 Abaid, Hamayel   SA Merit Chemistry
3 Abaid, Hamayel   SA Merit English
4 Adamson, Amelia Cate   SA Merit Psychology
5 Agah, Mohammadhossein   SA Merit Research Project B
6 Ageno, Daisy   SA Merit Research Project A
7 Ahmed, Hareem   SA Merit English
8 Ahmed, Hareem   SA Merit Research Project B
9 Ahmed, Tauseef   SA Merit English
10 Aidman, Ilya Eugene Nickolas   SA Merit Legal Studies
11 Ajaero, Isaiah Chidiomimi   SA Merit Research Project B
12 Albanese, Lia   SA Merit Research Project B
13 Albertini, Thomas Samuel   SA Merit General Mathematics
14 Alfred, Sebastian   SA Merit English
15 Alfred, Sebastian Christian Brothers College Adelaide Gov of SA SACE Award  
16 Ali, Muhammad Thebarton Senior College Torrensville Gov of SA SACE Award  
17 Allan, Eliza Grace Lawry   SA Merit English Literary Studies
18 Allan, Sophie   SA Merit Research Project B
19 Allen, Olivia Tamsyn   SA Merit Biology
20 Allison, Kristy   SA Merit Creative Arts
21 Allison, Natasha   SA Merit Research Project B
22 Alvarez, Abbey   SA Merit Interdisciplinary Learning and the Community
23 Alvi, Tasmia   SA Merit Research Project B
24 Ambrosini, Mia Grace   SA Merit Visual Arts - Art
25 Amerl, Katarina Anastasia   SA Merit Research Project B
26 Amiri Aliabad, Pouya   SA Merit English
27 Amiri, Amir Ali   SA Merit General Mathematics
28 Anchor, Caitlin   SA Merit Religion Studies
29 Anchor, Caitlin Kildare College Holden Hill Gov of SA SACE Award  
30 Anderson, Kyla Marie   SA Merit Research Project B
31 Andryushkin, Vasily   SA Merit Business Innovation
32 Angove, Sahara Ann Elizabeth   SA Merit Business Innovation
33 Angrish, Shradha   SA Merit Research Project B
34 Antoniadis, Elena   SA Merit Child Studies
35 Antoniadis, Elena   SA Merit Drama
36 Antony, Sarah Maria   SA Merit Biology
37 Anu, Adarsh   SA Merit Geography
38 Arbon, Lacey Jade   SA Merit Physical Education
39 Arbon, Lacey Jade   SA Merit Scientific Studies
40 Armfield, Jack   SA Merit Biology
41 Armfield, Jack   SA Merit Research Project B
42 Armstrong, Jessica   SA Merit Mathematical Methods
43 Arya, Vanshika   SA Merit Essential Mathematics
44 Arya, Vanshika   SA Merit Integrated Learning B
45 Astley, Molly   SA Merit Biology
46 Aston, Kalani Deborah   SA Merit Essential Mathematics
47 Athukorala, Suneli Thenaya   SA Merit Physical Education
48 Atwell, Samuel   SA Merit Mathematical Methods
49 Atwell, Samuel   SA Merit Specialist Mathematics
50 Augustine, Manish   SA Merit Integrated Learning A
Source: SACE Board of South Australia.
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2023
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