SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2005

This is the SACE Honour Roll, listing every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2005, along with their school and subject details.

The report also includes significant Australian national awards and prizes such as the Australian Student Prize.

50 of 1141 entries are shown.
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885 Salandra, Susanna   SA Merit Accounting Studies
886 Salandra, Susanna   SA Merit Economics
887 Sampson, Jasmine   SA Merit Physical Education
888 Samuel, Benedict V   SA Merit Studies of Religion
889 Sarantaugas, Elena   SA Merit Accounting Studies
890 Sare, Diana   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
891 Sarris, Dimitri   SA Merit Mathematical Methods
892 Sarris, Dimitri   SA Merit Physical Education
893 Sattler, Bettina   SA Merit Vocational Studies A
894 Saunders, Christina   SA Merit Solo Performance
895 Saunders, Rupert James   SA Merit Biology
896 Schlicker, Maxwell Geoffrey   SA Merit Physical Education
897 Schmaal, Sheree Anne   SA Merit English Studies
898 Schoo, Nastashia Elena   SA Merit English Studies
899 Schricker, Sarah Catherine   SA Merit German (Continuers)
900 Schricker, Sarah Catherine   SA Prize: Schiller Prize German
901 Schumann, Adelaide Denise   SA Merit Biology
902 Schumann, Adelaide Denise   SA Merit Chemistry
903 Schumann, Adelaide Denise   SA Prize: Hardwicke College Prize Biology
904 Schuurmans, Krista   SA Merit Biology
905 Scott, Lauren Margaret   SA Merit Physical Education
906 Scrimgeour, Lara Jade   SA Merit Indonesian (Accelerated)
907 Semczuk, Megan Ann   SA Merit Vocational Studies B
908 Seta, Paul Daniel   SA Merit Geography Studies
909 Shahnam, Hamed   SA Merit Biology
910 Sharrad, Liam Charles   SA Merit Communication Products B
911 Sharrad, Lydia   SA Merit Performance Special Study
912 Sharrad, Lydia   SA Merit Solo Performance
913 Shirley, Alana Jayne   SA Merit Nutrition
914 Sibbin, Cassandra Janet Anne   SA Merit English Communications
915 Simakov, Nikita   SA Merit Physics
916 Simmonds, Colleen Maree   SA Merit English Communications
917 Simmonds, Mary-Claire   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
918 Simmonds, Mary-Claire   SA Merit Psychology
919 Simmonds, Samantha   SA Merit Physical Education
920 Simmonds, Samantha   SA Merit Vocational Studies B
921 Simms, Michael David   SA Merit English Studies
922 Simms, Michael David   SA Merit Solo Performance
923 Sims, Belinda Kaye   SA Merit Business Studies
924 Sims, Belinda Kaye   SA Merit Legal Studies
925 Sinanis, George   SA Merit Modern Greek (Continuers)
926 Singla, Apresh Arun   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
927 Siren, Hannu Alex   SA Merit Solo Performance
928 Skaczkowski, Gemma Louise Amelia   SA Merit Biology
929 Skaczkowski, Gemma Louise Amelia   SA Merit English Studies
930 Skeer, Nick B   SA Merit English Communications
931 Skinner, Brendon Peter   SA Merit Extension Studies A
932 Skourides, Andreas   SA Merit Modern Greek (Continuers)
933 Slater, Derek Henry   SA Merit Arts and the Community
934 Slattery, Cendall Taryn   SA Merit English Communications
Source: SACE Board of South Australia.
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 2 Apr 2023
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