SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2005

This is the SACE Honour Roll, listing every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2005, along with their school and subject details.

The report also includes significant Australian national awards and prizes such as the Australian Student Prize.

50 of 1141 entries are shown.
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744 O'Brien, Bethany   SA Merit Modern History
745 O'Brien, Bethany   SA Merit Studies of Societies
746 O'Donnell, Jarryd Scott   SA Merit Geography Studies
747 O'Loughlin, Nicholas Charles   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
748 O'Malley, Elyse-Ann   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
749 O'Malley, Elyse-Ann   SA Merit Physics
750 O'Malley, Elyse-Ann   SA Merit Specialist Mathematics
751 O'Malley, Elyse-Ann Caitlin Loreto College Marryatville Australian Student Prize  
752 O'Riley, Charee   SA Merit Australian History
753 Oates, Gregory   SA Merit Chemistry
754 Oates, Gregory   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
755 Oates, Gregory   SA Merit Physics
756 Oates, Gregory Peter Xavier College Gawler Belt Campus Gawler Belt Australian Student Prize  
757 Obaydin, Ivan   SA Merit Systems and Control Products B
758 Ogi, Harumi   SA Merit Japanese (Continuers)
759 Ogilvie, Alexandra Jane   SA Merit English Communications
760 Ohlendorf, Sean Graham Campbell   SA Merit German (Continuers)
761 Ohlendorf, Sean Graham Campbell   SA Prize: Goethe Prize German
762 Oliver, Todd James   SA Merit English Communications
763 Ong, Mei Jin   SA Merit English as Second Language Studies
764 Osborne, Prema Jean   SA Merit Music Individual Study
765 Ouslinis, Zachary John   SA Merit Communication Products A
766 Padhye, Vaishali   SA Merit Biology
767 Padhye, Vaishali   SA Merit English Studies
768 Padmanabhan, Reena   SA Merit English Studies
769 Padmanabhan, Reena   SA Merit Modern History
770 Paley, Madeleine Kate   SA Merit Contemporary Issues and Science
771 Palm, Carly Erin   SA Merit Business Documents
772 Panagis, Fiona   SA Merit Italian (Continuers)
773 Papps, Despina   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
774 Parasiers, Jasmin Sonya   SA Merit Classical Studies
775 Parasiers, Jasmin Sonya   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
776 Parasiers, Jasmin Sonya   SA Prize: Classical Association of SA Prize Classical Studies
777 Parkin, Julia Lenore Bamford   SA Merit English Studies
778 Parsons, Alysha Erin   SA Merit Physical Education
779 Partington, Andrew   SA Merit Solo Performance
780 Parton, William   SA Merit Performance Special Study
781 Parton, William   SA Merit Solo Performance
782 Pascal-Murray, Jennifer Leanne   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
783 Paschke, Sophia Patrice   SA Merit Biology
784 Paschke, Sophia Patrice   SA Merit Economics
785 Paschke, Sophia Patrice   SA Merit Legal Studies
786 Paschke, Sophia Patrice   SA Prize: Economics Teachers Society of SA Prize Economics
787 Paschke, Sophia Patrice Sacred Heart College Somerton Park Australian Student Prize  
788 Paterson, Jenna Anne   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
789 Paterson, Jenna Anne   SA Merit Specialist Mathematics
790 Paton, Charlotte Edwina Cadzow   SA Merit Classical Studies
791 Pearce, Amanda   SA Merit Psychology
792 Pearce, Sarah   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
793 Pederick, Lenard   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
Source: SACE Board of South Australia.
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 2 Apr 2023
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