SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2001

This report lists every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2001, along with their school and subject details.

25 of 1390 entries are shown.
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1 Abdullah, Halimah   SA Merit Health, Recreation and the Community
2 Adam, Timothy Scott   SA Merit Business and the Community
3 Adams, Maxwell   SA Merit English
4 Adams, Michelle   SA Merit English Studies
5 Agostino, Anna   SA Merit Business Studies
6 Albert, Jane Elizabeth   SA Merit Chemistry
7 Albert, Jane Elizabeth   SA Merit English Studies
8 Alfred, Lauren Elizabeth   SA Merit Visual Arts Studies
9 Allen, Sarah Julie   SA Merit Geography Studies
10 Anderson, Saskia Jayne   SA Merit Vocational Studies A
11 Anderson, Stewart   SA Merit Legal Studies
12 Andruchowycz, Matthew John   SA Merit Accounting Studies
13 Antonowicz, Stephen   SA Merit Business Mathematics
14 Armitage, Hannah   SA Merit French (Continuers/Extended)
15 Armour, Jillian Anne   SA Merit Biology
16 Arnold, Natasha Jayne   SA Merit Small Business Enterprise
17 Ashby, Lisel   SA Merit Art Practical
18 Avery, Benjamin Thomas   SA Merit Physical Education
19 Ayling, Jennifer Margaret   SA Merit Craft Practical
20 Baden, Michelle   SA Merit The Arts and the Community
21 Baden, Michelle   SA Merit Work and the Community
22 Bader, Leah   SA Merit Tourism
23 Bahnisch, Kristina Margaret   SA Merit Music Individual Study
24 Bailey, Rowan Marc   SA Merit Economics
25 Bailey, Rowan Marc   SA Merit Mathematics 1 (Double)
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