SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2005

This is the SACE Honour Roll, listing every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2005, along with their school and subject details.

The report also includes significant Australian national awards and prizes such as the Australian Student Prize.

50 of 1141 entries are shown.
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594 Macadam, Leila   SA Merit English Studies
595 Macadam, Leila   SA Merit Physics
596 Macaulay, Megan   SA Merit Tourism
597 Mackay, Thomas Ashley   SA Merit Ensemble Performance
598 Madan, Sahil   SA Merit Physics
599 Maddocks, Amy   SA Merit Nutrition
600 Madsen, Kate Elizabeth   SA Merit English Communications
601 Maghsoudi, Pejman   SA Merit Persian (Background Speakers)
602 Mahlburg, Donna Renae   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
603 Mahlburg, Donna Renae   SA Merit Nutrition
604 Main, Holly Cindy   SA Merit Geography Studies
605 Maiolo, Jason   SA Merit Chemistry
606 Maiolo, Jason   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
607 Majoros, Peter Nathan   SA Merit Performance Special Study
608 Majoros, Peter Nathan   SA Merit Solo Performance
609 Makarainen, Angela   SA Merit English Studies
610 Makepeace, Joshua   SA Merit Drama
611 Makepeace, Joshua   SA Merit Indonesian (Continuers)
612 Makepeace, Joshua   SA Merit Physics
613 Makepeace, Joshua   SA Prize: Azhar Abbas Memorial Prize Indonesian
614 Makepeace, Joshua William St Johns Grammar School Belair Australian Student Prize  
615 Maksimovic, Lauren Jane   SA Merit Food and Hospitality Studies
616 Maloney, Tristan James   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
617 Mansfield, James Andrew   SA Merit Design Practical
618 Marcus, Benjamin   SA Merit Arts and the Community
619 Marcus, James Edward   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
620 Marles, Talia Elise   SA Merit Community Services B
621 Marshall, Sarah Kathleen   SA Merit Physical Education
622 Marshman, Breanna Louise   SA Merit Business Documents
623 Martin, Jessie Louise   SA Merit Vocational Studies A
624 Martin, Katherine   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
625 Martin, Kerrie   SA Merit English Communications
626 Martin, Samantha   SA Merit Work and the Community I
627 Martin, Victoria Ann Stuart   SA Merit Drama Studies
628 Martino, Nadine Firosa Rafaella   SA Merit Information Technology Studies
629 Masiero, Stephen   SA Merit Information Technology
630 Matthews, Natalie   SA Merit Accounting Studies
631 Matthews, Natalie   SA Merit Geography Studies
632 Matulick, Tamara Gayl   SA Merit Physics
633 Maxwell-Clark, Angus Stuart George   SA Merit Biology
634 Maxwell-Clark, Angus Stuart George   SA Merit English Studies
635 McCabe, Lauren Patricia   SA Merit Classical Studies
636 McCaffrie, Caitlin Sarah   SA Merit French (Continuers)
637 McCappin, Rachel Jane   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
638 McConachy, Edward Geoffrey   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
639 McCusker, Bridget   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
640 McDonald, Fiona Joy   SA Merit Chemistry
641 McDonald, Fiona Joy   SA Merit English Studies
642 McDonald, Fiona Joy   SA Merit Modern History
643 McDonald, Fiona Joy   SA Merit Studies of Religion
Source: SACE Board of South Australia.
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 2 Apr 2023
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