SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2005

This is the SACE Honour Roll, listing every award, merit or prize won by South Australian SACE students in 2005, along with their school and subject details.

The report also includes significant Australian national awards and prizes such as the Australian Student Prize.

50 of 1141 entries are shown.
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131 Cahill, Shane   SA Merit Arts and the Community I
132 Callaghan, Brydie Jessica   SA Merit Tourism
133 Calleja, Joanna Anita   SA Merit Accounting Studies
134 Calleja, Joanna Anita   SA Merit Early Childhood Studies
135 Cant, Megan   SA Merit English Studies
136 Cant, Megan   SA Merit Music in Society
137 Cant, Megan   SA Merit Visual Arts Studies
138 Cap, Daniel Justin   SA Merit Arts and the Community
139 Capobianco, Luciana-Claudia   SA Merit Tourism
140 Carias, Mauricio Ernesto   SA Merit Spanish (Continuers)
141 Carlino, Lisa   SA Merit Early Childhood Studies
142 Carlino, Lisa   SA Merit Psychology
143 Carmody, Tate William   SA Merit Mathematical Methods
144 Carne, Frances Janelle   SA Merit Business Studies
145 Carnell, Emma Louise   SA Merit Legal Studies
146 Carruthers, Amanda Kate   SA Merit Business Documents
147 Carter, Elizabeth Anne   SA Merit Lifestyle and the Community
148 Carter, Rebecca Hayward   SA Merit Modern History
149 Carter, Thomas Michael   SA Merit Music Individual Study
150 Champion, Jessica   SA Merit Drama Studies
151 Chan, Lui Sum (Sam)   SA Merit Accounting Studies
152 Chant, Danielle   SA Merit Psychology
153 Chant, Danielle   SA Merit Tourism
154 Chapman, Samuel Robert   SA Merit Economics
155 Charitou, Evangelia   SA Merit Modern Greek (Continuers)
156 Chase, Kristy   SA Merit English Communications
157 Cheers, Kirra   SA Merit Communication Products B
158 Cheers, Kirra   SA Merit English Communications
159 Cheers, Kirra   SA Merit Ensemble Performance
160 Chehade, Natalia   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
161 Chen, Joanna Lee Ann   SA Merit English as Second Language Studies
162 Cheney, Martin Timothy   SA Merit Musicianship
163 Cheung, Gary (Tsz Chung)   SA Merit Solo Performance
164 Chooi, Cheryl Sook Lai   SA Merit Biology
165 Chooi, Cheryl Sook Lai   SA Merit Chemistry
166 Chooi, Cheryl Sook Lai   SA Merit English Communications
167 Chryssidis, Helene Michele   SA Merit English Communications
168 Clark, Jason Ricky   SA Merit Physical Education
169 Clark, Sarah Elizabeth   SA Merit English Communications
170 Clarke, Jade Peta   SA Merit Women's Studies
171 Clarke, Rachel   SA Merit Economics
172 Clarke, Rachel   SA Merit Physics
173 Clarke, Samuel   SA Merit English Communications
174 Cocks, Sheena Sharee   SA Merit Health Studies
175 Codrington, Ashleigh Jayne   SA Merit Business Documents
176 Cogan, Georgina   SA Merit Physical Education
177 Colebatch, Eliza Josephine   SA Merit Biology
178 Colebatch, Eliza Josephine   SA Merit English Communications
179 Colebatch, Eliza Josephine   SA Merit Nutrition
180 Colebatch, Eliza Josephine   SA Merit Psychology
Source: SACE Board of South Australia.
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 2 Apr 2023
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