Subject/Course Exhibition Winners, Western Australia, 2007

This report lists the Subject/Course Exhibition and Award winners for each subject in 2007, along with the school that they attended.

Subject Exhibitions are awarded by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to the student who obtains the highest raw exam score in an individual WACE course or subject.

Special Subject Awards may be awarded to a student who is ineligible for a Subject Exhibition but who has otherwise satisfied all other requirements for the award.

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1 Accounting Subject Exhibition ELLIS, CLAIRE ALEXANDRA Frederick Irwin Anglican School Mandurah
2 Administrative Systems Subject Exhibition NOT FOR PUBLICATION, Lumen Christi College Gosnells
3 Ancient History Subject Exhibition RICH, JEREMY PETER Churchlands Senior High School Churchlands
4 Applicable Mathematics Subject Exhibition LAM, ALISON SHENG PING St Francis Methodist School Singapore
5 Art Subject Exhibition LEE, WILLIAM Applecross Senior High School Ardross
6 Art and Design Subject Exhibition CLITHEROE, TIFFANY MEGHAN Safety Bay Senior High School Waikiki
7 Aspects of the Tourism Industry Subject Exhibition SEE, HARRISON WAED Morley Senior High School Noranda
8 Biology Subject Exhibition MUSTAC, SIMONE ALICIA Perth College Mount Lawley
9 Calculus Subject Exhibition IYER, BHARATH Hale School Wembley Downs
10 Calculus Special Subject Award HUTCHINSON, VINAYAK YUDHISTHIR Shenton College Shenton Park
11 Chemistry Subject Exhibition MCNULTY COOPER, NEIL PATRICK Albany Senior High School Albany
12 Computer Fundamentals Subject Exhibition KRENTZIN, LAURA MARIE Ocean Reef Senior High School Ocean Reef
13 Dance Studies Subject Exhibition NOT FOR PUBLICATION, John Curtin College of the Arts Fremantle
14 Discrete Mathematics Subject Exhibition FOALE, AILEEN SASKIA St Hildas Anglican School for Girls Mosman Park
15 Drama Studies Subject Exhibition WESSON, CAELEY ALEXANDRA St Hildas Anglican School for Girls Mosman Park
16 Economics Subject Exhibition THOMAS, NEIL WILLIAM Wesley College South Perth
17 Economics Subject Exhibition CHEN, AMY Willetton Senior High School Willetton
18 English Subject Exhibition DICK, LINDSAY ALAN Guildford Grammar School Guildford
19 English as a Second Language Subject Exhibition ZHEN, YUE Rossmoyne Senior High School Rossmoyne
20 English Literature Subject Exhibition RICH, JEREMY PETER Churchlands Senior High School Churchlands
21 Fabrics, Design and Technology Subject Exhibition YOUNG, EMMA JO Penrhos College Como
22 Food Production Subject Exhibition HAERTEL, LISA KATHERINE Shenton College Shenton Park
23 French Subject Exhibition HOGAN, BENJAMIN WHITFORD Hale School Wembley Downs
24 Geography Subject Exhibition SCOTT, NICHOLAS GEORGE Hale School Wembley Downs
25 Geology Subject Exhibition COMBS, JOSHUA BRETT Kelmscott Senior High School Kelmscott
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