Student HSC All-rounders, New South Wales, 2007

This report lists the 2007 HSC students who won an All Rounder award.

All Rounder awards recognise those HSC students who gain Distinguished Achiever awards for courses totaling 10 or more units.

50 of 1035 entries are shown.
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1 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Adcock, Caitlin Elizabeth Margare
2 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Clarke, Christie Madeleine
3 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Dai, Yuk Yee Evelyn
4 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Doumani, Anna-Lisa Jane
5 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Hudson, Alice Elisabeth Patricia
6 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Karunaratne, Natasha Iromi
7 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Kwok, Michelle Joanne
8 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Leung, Wing Yu Eunice
9 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Skinner, Clare Elizabeth
10 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Tan, Rebecca Yin
11 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Tse, Tiffany
12 Albury High School Albury Giles, Olivia Ann
13 Albury High School Albury Grono, Elle Marie
14 Albury High School Albury Tagliabue, Amanda Jade
15 All Saints College Bathurst Bathurst Alamyar, Sara Louise
16 All Saints College Bathurst Bathurst Horan, Alexandra
17 All Saints College Bathurst Bathurst Payne, Susannah
18 All Saints College Bathurst Bathurst Watt, Joshua Peter
19 All Saints College St Marys Campus Maitland Moran, Dane Samuel
20 All Saints College St Marys Campus Maitland O'Brien, Simon John
21 Alstonville High School Alstonville Redmayne, Grace Margaret
22 Arthur Phillip High School Parramatta Hajdarpasic, Ademir
23 Ascham School Edgecliff Chapman, Charlotte
24 Ascham School Edgecliff Cohn, Amanda
25 Ascham School Edgecliff Diamond, Roberta
26 Ascham School Edgecliff Gill, Rebecca
27 Ascham School Edgecliff Kam, Jessica
28 Ascham School Edgecliff Morgan, Amelia
29 Ascham School Edgecliff Tjia, Carissa
30 Ascham School Edgecliff Watson, Chloe
31 Asquith Girls High School Asquith Minus, Nicola Rose
32 Australian International School Hong Kong Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Brown, Natasha Alexandra
33 Barker College Hornsby Abadee, Angus
34 Barker College Hornsby Allington, Sophie
35 Barker College Hornsby Batchen, Jack
36 Barker College Hornsby Bowe, James
37 Barker College Hornsby Boyd, Lauren
38 Barker College Hornsby Chan, Eugene
39 Barker College Hornsby Duffin, Benjamin
40 Barker College Hornsby Frankel, Emily
41 Barker College Hornsby Harvey, Isabella
42 Barker College Hornsby Howes, Tristan
43 Barker College Hornsby Ivimey, Stephen
44 Barker College Hornsby Kirkwood, Matthew
45 Barker College Hornsby Murray, Zoe
46 Barker College Hornsby Panos, Evyenia
47 Barker College Hornsby Pitcher, Katherine
48 Barker College Hornsby Quarmby, Katie
49 Barker College Hornsby Richards, Emilia
50 Barker College Hornsby Ware, Martha
Source: NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 22 Feb 2021
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