Student HSC All-rounders, New South Wales, 2017

This report lists the 2017 HSC students who won an All Rounder award.

All Rounder awards recognise those HSC students who gain Distinguished Achiever awards for courses totaling 10 or more units.

50 of 1394 entries are shown.
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1 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Abbott, Jocelyn Kate
2 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Boniface, Danielle Suzanne Nicole
3 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Campbell, Louise Anne
4 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Cham, Denise Yick-Ka
5 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Druce, Annabelle Robyn
6 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Garvin, Lauren Jane
7 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Illing-Kelly, Martine Arlette Gisele
8 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Kim, Kristie
9 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Laing, Maggie Hope
10 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Lawton, Hannah Alexandra
11 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Lee, Josephine Megan
12 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Lo, Erika
13 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Luttrell, Prudence Hermione
14 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Moy, Felicity Helena
15 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Shen, Abby Yee
16 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Smith, Katrina Jane
17 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Soo, Zelia Mei-Ze
18 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Tam, Tsz Yan Stephanie
19 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Thomson, Celeste Louise
20 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Watson, Sara
21 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Yang, Ella
22 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Zhang, Hejing Sherry
23 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga Zhang, Yian Stella
24 Al Noori Muslim School Senior Campus Greenacre Ali, Zena
25 Al Noori Muslim School Senior Campus Greenacre Kalam, Shafi
26 Al-Faisal College Auburn Hassan, Mahmoud
27 Alexandria Park Community School Alexandria Makarytchev, Alexander
28 Alpha Omega Senior College Auburn Ahmed, Fahaad
29 Alpha Omega Senior College Auburn Alyassin, Ali
30 Alpha Omega Senior College Auburn El-Cheikh, Ella
31 Alpha Omega Senior College Auburn Mustavi, Amir Mohammad
32 Alstonville High School Alstonville Entwistle, Andrew William
33 Alstonville High School Alstonville Pagotto, Joshua Alexander
34 Amity College Prestons Prestons Dannaoui, Mustapha
35 Amity College Prestons Prestons Mahmutovic, Adna
36 Amity College Prestons Prestons Sheikh, Saafia
37 Aquinas College Menai Di Pietro, Gia
38 Arden Anglican School Epping Campus Epping Batt, Harry
39 Ascham School Edgecliff Ainsworth-Grace, Cassidy
40 Ascham School Edgecliff Brajkovic, Portia
41 Ascham School Edgecliff Debus, Emma
42 Ascham School Edgecliff Deva, Maya
43 Ascham School Edgecliff Donovic, Emma
44 Ascham School Edgecliff Frykberg, Claudia
45 Ascham School Edgecliff Jameson, Caitlin
46 Ascham School Edgecliff Leicester, Juliet
47 Ascham School Edgecliff Nastevski, Isabelle
48 Ascham School Edgecliff Neville, Monica
49 Ascham School Edgecliff Opie, Angelique
50 Ascham School Edgecliff Robinson, Tully
Source: NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 14 Feb 2023
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