Top TCE Students, Tasmania, 2008

This report lists the names and schools of the 2008 top TCE students, in alphabetic order. Student ATAR scores are also shown where these have been published or contributed.

To view the report in ATAR rank order, simply click on the ATAR heading. Note however that, as the ATAR data is incomplete, this does not reflect the actual Tasmanian Top TCE student rankings.

Prior to 2004, only students in the top 0.5% of all students are listed. From 2004 onwards, the State's top 100 students are listed (the report may actually contain slightly more or less than 100 names, depending on the cut-off levels).

Is your ATAR score missing from this report? If so, please tell us. We are always looking for contributions of additional data.

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1 Archer, Dimity The Friends School North Hobart  
2 Archer, Stephanie Jane Scotch Oakburn College Newstead  
3 Arnold, Bradley Christopher Launceston College Launceston  
4 Arnold, Tom Hobart College Mount Nelson  
5 Artis, Ebony Lee Rosny College Rosny Park  
6 Atherton, Jessie Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
7 Barnett, Ruth Myfanwy Rosny College Rosny Park  
8 Bensemann, Claire Launceston College Launceston  
9 Blake, Charlotte Elizabeth College North Hobart  
10 Blest, Keely Josepha Launceston College Launceston  
11 Bodell, Ashley Jean Launceston College Launceston  
12 Bulle, Jabulani Thulani Marist Regional College Burnie 99.95
13 Butler, Jonathan David R Launceston Church Grammar School Mowbray  
14 Chandler, Claire St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart  
15 Clarkson, Sarah May Launceston College Launceston  
16 Cunliffe, Tessa Jayde Elizabeth College North Hobart  
17 Davis, Emma Linnea Launceston Christian School Riverside  
18 Dazeley, Nicholas Michael Marist Regional College Burnie  
19 De La Bere, Aimee Caroline Rosny College Rosny Park  
20 Deans, Ross Milton Hobart College Mount Nelson  
21 Desire, Christopher Terence Rosny College Rosny Park  
22 Dixon Douglas, Julia Robyn Scotch Oakburn College Newstead  
23 Dorney, Daniela The Friends School North Hobart  
24 Emptage, Bryn David Elizabeth College North Hobart  
25 Fettke, William Gary Scotch Oakburn College Newstead  
26 Fewkes, Trent Cameron Rosny College Rosny Park  
27 Fielder, Timothy The Friends School North Hobart 99.95
28 Figg, Madeleine Elizabeth College North Hobart  
29 Fletcher, Rhiannon Sarah Elizabeth College North Hobart  
30 Forsyth, Laura Kate Elizabeth College North Hobart  
31 Foster, Rebecca The Fahan School Sandy Bay  
32 Fowler, Jonathan Robert Scotch Oakburn College Newstead  
33 Galloway, Lucy Amelia Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
34 Gibson, Catherine Ella Hellyer College Burnie  
35 Graver, Timothy Samuel The Hutchins School Sandy Bay  
36 Gunn, Stephanie The Friends School North Hobart  
37 Haigh, Andrew The Friends School North Hobart  
38 Hamilton, Garry William Marist Regional College Burnie  
39 Hawtone, Christopher Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
40 Hennessy, David Graeme Louis Rosny College Rosny Park  
41 Hepburn, Brooke Louise Launceston College Launceston  
42 Hong, Ji Sun Launceston Church Grammar School Mowbray  
43 Hooper, Aaron The Friends School North Hobart  
44 Hudson, Monica Helen Launceston College Launceston  
45 Irwin, Grace Laura St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart  
46 Jones, Phillipa Molly Launceston Church Grammar School Mowbray  
47 Kay, Edward The Friends School North Hobart 99.95
48 Kirkland, Oliver The Friends School North Hobart  
49 Lade, Caroline Launceston Church Grammar School Mowbray  
50 Lake, Miriam St Michaels Collegiate School Hobart  
Source: The Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certifications (TASC).
Supplementary data from school publications.
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2017
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