Penola Catholic College Emu Plains, New South Wales, 2023

Street Address:

Mackellar Street,
Emu Plains, NSW 2750


02 4728 8100

School Category:




Local Council:

City of Penrith

International Baccalaureate Diploma:

HSC Students
(Final Year)
32 20
Number of HSC
D.A. Awards
5 2

Who were the school's top HSC students in 2023?

Below are the 2023 top HSC students at Penola Catholic College Emu Plains in order of their total number of subjects awarded.

A subject can be awarded either through a Distinguished Achiever award or as a Subject Rank award (top place in subject).

Where students have equal numbers of subject awards, those with an All Rounder award are ranked higher. As additional tie-breakers, Subject Rank awards are ranked by their place value and they are also ranked higher than Distinguished Achiever awards. Where all of these measures are equal, entries are listed alphabetically.

Student Name
All Rounder
Subjects Awarded
1 Berthriz, Ezthrella 1  
2 Footman, Espri 1  
3 Lewandowski, Harry 1  
4 Sammut, Luke 1  
5 Stevens, Zac 1  

What were the school's top HSC subjects in 2023?

Below are the 2023 top HSC subjects at Penola Catholic College Emu Plains in order of their Distinguished Achiever award counts.

1 Mathematics Extension 1 2
2 Visual Arts 2
3 Information and Digital Technology Examination 1

School Statistics Charts

To view the statistics and trends for Penola Catholic College Emu Plains on the chart below, select one or more items from the dropdown list.

Multiple data items can be selected in any combination. Up to seven years of data is displayed.

Measurements and #rankings are displayed against the left axis. Percentages(%) are displayed against the right axis.

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School Ranking Ladder

Below is the 2023 HSC school ranking ladder.

This ladder shows the position of Penola Catholic College Emu Plains when all schools are ranked by their 2023 HSC Distinguished Achiever success rate percentage.

The success rate is the proportion of the school's HSC subject completions that resulted in a Distinguished Achiever award. If two schools have equal Distinguished Achiever success rates, the total number of HSC subject completions is used as a tie-breaker, with larger totals being ranked higher.

Ranking positions are assigned to the top 200 schools (at most).

No HSC ranking assigned in 2023
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