Top TCE Students, Tasmania, 2018

This report lists the names and schools of the top TCE students, in alphabetic order. Student ATAR scores are also shown where these have been published or contributed.

To view the report in ATAR rank order, simply click on the ATAR heading. Note however that, as the ATAR data is incomplete, this does not reflect the actual Tasmanian Top TCE student rankings.

Prior to 2004, only students in the top 0.5% of all students are listed. From 2004 to 2018, the State's top 100 students are listed (the report may actually contain slightly more or less than 100 names, depending on the cut-off levels).

Is your ATAR score missing from this report? If so, please tell us. We are always looking for contributions of additional data.

25 of 98 entries are shown.
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1 Daniels, Ned Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
2 Hunter, Jarrod Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
3 Mackey, Alice Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy  
4 Ward, Lily Guilford Young College Hobart/Glenorchy 99.95
5 Li, Ryan Launceston Christian School Riverside  
6 Barratt, Medhanit Launceston Church Grammar School East Launceston  
7 Crawford, Jack Launceston Church Grammar School East Launceston  
8 Brain, Isaac Launceston College Launceston  
9 Cameron, Jesse Launceston College Launceston  
10 Douglas, Ronan Launceston College Launceston  
11 Marshall, Zahra Launceston College Launceston  
12 Smyth, James Launceston College Launceston  
13 Sungur, Serif Launceston College Launceston  
14 Sutton, Fraser Launceston College Launceston  
15 Wilson, Margot Launceston College Launceston  
16 Wright-Gittins, Yasmine Launceston College Launceston  
17 Smith, Ryan Leighland Christian School Ulverstone  
18 Fletcher, Georgia Marist Regional College Burnie  
19 Hogge, William Marist Regional College Burnie  
20 Liang, Yujie Marist Regional College Burnie  
21 Lillico, Samantha Marist Regional College Burnie  
22 Wang, Chen Marist Regional College Burnie  
23 Cooper, Georgia Rosny College Rosny  
24 Dobie, Boston Rosny College Rosny  
25 Kam, Ho Rosny College Rosny  
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