SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2004

This report lists the names of the students who received an award, merit or prize of any kind.

25 of 1222 entries are shown.
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76 Beazley, Katherine   SA Merit Economics
77 Beazley, Katherine   SA Merit Physics
78 Beazley, Katherine Loreto College Marryatville Australian Student Prize  
79 Bedson, Melissa Anne   SA Merit Italian (Continuers)
80 Bell, Catie Sarah   SA Merit Biology
81 Bell, Catie Sarah   SA Merit English Communications
82 Bell, Catie Sarah   SA Merit Physical Education
83 Bell, Lucinda Kate   SA Merit Biology
84 Bell, Lucinda Kate   SA Merit Physical Education
85 Bennier, Kylie   SA Merit Community Services B
86 Benz, Paul   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
87 Bertoli, Megan Renee   SA Merit The Arts and the Community
88 Bicknell, Amy Margaret   SA Merit Business Documents
89 Bihari, Denley Michael   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
90 Bihari, Denley Michael   SA Merit Specialist Mathematics
91 Billington, Helena   SA Merit Chemistry
92 Billington, Helena   SA Merit Legal Studies
93 Billington, Helena   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
94 Billington, Helena   SA Merit Physics
95 Billington, Helena   SA Merit Specialist Mathematics
96 Billington, Helena   SA Prize: Campbell Award for Students Attending Government Schools  
97 Billington, Helena Marryatville High School Marryatville Australian Student Prize  
98 Bills, Melissa   SA Merit Mathematical Methods
99 Biven, Kate Amanda   SA Merit Biology
100 Black, Harry Ash   SA Merit English Studies
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