SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2002

This report lists the names of the students who received an award, merit or prize of any kind.

25 of 1290 entries are shown.
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76 Berry, Scott David   SA Merit Mathematics 1 (Double)
77 Berry, Scott David   SA Merit Physics
78 Berzins, Selga   SA Merit Design Practical
79 Bethune, Michael Charles   SA Merit Ensemble Performance
80 Betterman, Kelly Louise   SA Merit English Studies
81 Betterman, Kelly Louise   SA Merit Mathematics 1 (Double)
82 Bettison, Alexandra Lee   SA Merit Geography
83 Beumer, Jesse Daniel   SA Merit Mathematics 2
84 Biar, Sandy Lee   SA Merit Music Individual Study
85 Binnion, Finella Jane   SA Merit Food and Hospitality
86 Bishop, Mary-Lou   SA Merit Agricultural and Horticultural Studies I
87 Blackman, Sarah Kimberly   SA Merit Ensemble Performance
88 Blake, Benn Christopher   SA Merit Solo Performance
89 Blake, Laura Helen   SA Merit English Communications
90 Blanch, Adam   SA Merit Mathematics 2
91 Blanch, Adam   SA Merit Physics
92 Blanchard, Lauren Michelle   SA Merit Visual Arts Studies
93 Blok, Andrew   SA Merit Legal Studies
94 Bolognese, Michelangelo Sebastiano   SA Merit Italian (Continuers)
95 Bolognese, Michelangelo Sebastiano   SA Prize: Co-ordinating Italian Committee Prize Italian
96 Booth, Kathryn Elizabeth   SA Merit Art Practical
97 Bourne, Jacqui Marie   SA Merit Child Studies
98 Boyes, Michelle   SA Merit Tourism
99 Boylan, Angela Johanna   SA Merit Geography Studies
100 Boylan, Hugh Ranembe   SA Merit Business Mathematics
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