SACE Honour Roll - All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2002

This report lists the names of the students who received an award, merit or prize of any kind.

25 of 1290 entries are shown.
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26 Ashdown, Melanie   SA Merit Business Studies
27 Ashdown, Melanie   SA Merit Desktop Publishing
28 Astley-Turner, Charissa Jasmine   SA Merit English Studies
29 Atkinson, Daniel   SA Merit Design Practical
30 Atze, Zarah Elizabeth   SA Merit Mathematics and the Community
31 Bailey, Kate   SA Merit Child Studies
32 Baillie, Kate Alice   SA Merit English Communications
33 Baillie, Kate Alice   SA Merit Geography Studies
34 Bain, Alice   SA Merit English Studies
35 Bain, Alice   SA Merit Legal Studies
36 Bain, Jacqueline Alice   SA Merit Applied Mathematics
37 Bald, Erin May   SA Merit Business Mathematics
38 Baldwin, Hailey   SA Merit Biology
39 Baldwin, Hailey   SA Merit Economics
40 Baldwin, Hailey   SA Prize: Economics Teachers Society of SA Prize Economics
41 Bamford, Tamika Jessica   SA Merit The Community and the Environment
42 Banh, Lisa   SA Merit Chemistry
43 Banh, Lisa   SA Merit English Studies
44 Banks, Megan   SA Merit Information Technology Studies
45 Bargwanna, Diana Rachel   SA Merit Food and Hospitality
46 Barnden, Jessica Kate   SA Merit English Communications
47 Barnes, Sarah   SA Merit Vocational Studies A
48 Barone, Steven   SA Merit Mathematics 1 (Single)
49 Barrie, Kylie Elizabeth   SA Merit Legal Studies
50 Bartlett, Lucinda Anne   SA Merit Business Studies
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