Student HSC Subject Top Achievers, New South Wales, 2018

This report shows the top achievers in each HSC subject, along with their ranking as assigned by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Students must achieve a band 6 or band E4 result in the relevant subject to appear in this list. Rankings are calculated from student HSC marks in the subject, or, where this results in a tie, from the average of the students' examination and assessment marks.

The number of top achievers reported varies from 5 to 20, according to the number of candidates taking each subject.

25 of 843 entries are shown.
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76 Business Services Examination Sandhu, Kirtveer 7 Catherine McAuley Westmead Westmead
77 Business Services Examination Shuwayhat, Christina 7 Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg Heights
78 Business Services Examination Graham, Kira 10 Brigidine College Randwick Randwick
79 Business Studies Yang, Yazhou (Tim) 1 Chatswood High School Chatswood
80 Business Studies Derwent, Noah Benjamin 2 Knox Grammar School Wahroonga
81 Business Studies Janssen, Marie 3 Brigidine College St Ives St Ives
82 Business Studies Zheng, Yiran (Betty) 4 Meriden School Strathfield
83 Business Studies Taylor, James Brenton 5 Knox Grammar School Wahroonga
84 Business Studies George, Emily 6 Brigidine College Randwick Randwick
85 Business Studies Downham, Emma 7 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
86 Business Studies Haase, Amber 7 St Catherines School Waverley
87 Business Studies Kurniawan, Melvern Ted 9 Castle Hill High School Castle Hill
88 Business Studies Penn, Harrison Robert Lennox 10 Knox Grammar School Wahroonga
89 Business Studies Arnold, Amber Gail 11 Queenwood School for Girls Mosman
90 Business Studies Cheema, Munisa 11 Hurlstone Agricultural High School Glenfield
91 Business Studies Schlitter, Madeleine 11 Tara Anglican School for Girls North Parramatta
92 Business Studies Wood, Mia 14 St Catherines School Waverley
93 Business Studies Bao, Sheeri 15 Meriden School Strathfield
94 Business Studies Tian, Raymond 16 Knox Grammar School Wahroonga
95 Business Studies Hildebrand, Mathew Allister 17 Knox Grammar School Wahroonga
96 Business Studies Onslow, Olivia 18 Brigidine College St Ives St Ives
97 Business Studies Elvish, Emily 19 Newcastle Grammar School Newcastle
98 Business Studies Kiew, Katarina 20 Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney Croydon
99 Chemistry Li, Raymond Kai Chun 1 James Ruse Agricultural High School Carlingford
100 Chemistry Lai, Jason 2 James Ruse Agricultural High School Carlingford
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