Consistent High Achievers, Western Australia, 2009

This report lists the winners of Certificates of Distinction and Certificates of Merit for 2009, along with the school that they attended.

These certificates are awarded to students who achieve at least 150 points (Certificate of Merit) or 190 points (Certificate of Distinction) across 20 year 11 and year 12 course units or equivalents, of which 10 are at year 12 level.

Formerly these awards were named Certificates of Commendation (2012-2015) or Certificates of Excellence (prior to 2012), and were based on achievements of at least 20 'A' grades in course units or equivalents.

25 of 580 entries are shown.
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76 Cert of Excellence CHAN, ERIC WAI-KIT All Saints College Willetton
77 Cert of Excellence CHAN, NIKKI KWEI LIN Churchlands Senior High School Churchlands
78 Cert of Excellence CHANTLER, JENNIFER GRACE Iona Presentation College Mosman Park
79 Cert of Excellence CHAPMAN, TIMOTHY FLETCHER Guildford Grammar School Guildford
80 Cert of Excellence CHAU, LISA John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School Mirrabooka
81 Cert of Excellence CHEN, JAMES JIA JUN Willetton Senior High School Willetton
82 Cert of Excellence CHEN, JUN NAN Rossmoyne Senior High School Rossmoyne
83 Cert of Excellence CHEUNG, CANDY HOI All Saints College Willetton
84 Cert of Excellence CHIAT, JOSHUA ILAN Guildford Grammar School Guildford
85 Cert of Excellence CHIKICH, UROSH Churchlands Senior High School Churchlands
86 Cert of Excellence CHIN, SIAN LEE St Hildas Anglican School for Girls Mosman Park
87 Cert of Excellence CHONG, SARAH Rossmoyne Senior High School Rossmoyne
88 Cert of Excellence CHUA, NATHALIE Chisholm Catholic College Inglewood
89 Cert of Excellence CHUTE, CALLUM JOHN Scotch College Claremont
90 Cert of Excellence CIANTAR, KALAM JAMES Willetton Senior High School Willetton
91 Cert of Excellence CLEGG, LARA CAITLIN St Hildas Anglican School for Girls Mosman Park
92 Cert of Excellence CLEMENTS, MICHAEL ALEXANDER Scotch College Claremont
93 Cert of Excellence COFFEY, ANAI MARIE John XXIII College Mt Claremont
94 Cert of Excellence COLLETT, HANNAH LEIGH Santa Maria College Melville
95 Cert of Excellence COLLINS, LORETTA EVA Sacred Heart College Wangara
96 Cert of Excellence COOK, DEAN ROBERT All Saints College Willetton
97 Cert of Excellence CRAFT, HAYLEY VICTORIA Manjimup Senior High School Manjimup
98 Cert of Excellence CRANDELL, JULIA MAE Shenton College Shenton Park
99 Cert of Excellence CREEDON, JONATHAN GERALD Duncraig Senior High School Duncraig
100 Cert of Excellence CROSS, LAUREN JANE Sacred Heart College Wangara
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