All Merit Awards, by Subject, South Australia, 2001

This report lists for each subject the names of the students who achieved a merit result (20/20) in 2001.

25 of 1367 entries are shown.
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76 Biology Conlin, Melissa Lee
77 Biology Coope, Catherine Lauren
78 Biology Dias, Mafalda
79 Biology Downs, Martin William
80 Biology Field, Ellen Clare
81 Biology Florence-Rieniets, Ryan
82 Biology Forrest, Annabelle Claire
83 Biology Fraser, Jane Dwyer
84 Biology Golder, Fleur Elizabeth
85 Biology Guzinski, Joanna
86 Biology Hicks, Chelsea Anne
87 Biology Hilditch, Cassie Jade
88 Biology Holds, Emily
89 Biology Hunt, Jodi Elizabeth
90 Biology Huynh, Danny Chi Hon
91 Biology Huynh, Eveline
92 Biology Ingram, Clare Jeanne
93 Biology Jacobs, Kerry Lee
94 Biology Jarman, Kate
95 Biology Kaczor, Tomasz
96 Biology Kalogerakis, Zoe Alexandra
97 Biology Kelly, Tessa Susan
98 Biology Kerr, Kimberley-Ann Helen
99 Biology Kuang, Jason Kah Ming
100 Biology Le Gallez, Kate Marie
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