Subject/Course Exhibition Winners, Western Australia, 2016

This report lists the Subject/Course Exhibition and Award winners for each subject in the selected year, along with the school that they attended.

Subject Exhibitions are awarded by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to the student who obtains the highest raw exam score in an individual WACE course or subject.

Special Subject Awards may be awarded to a student who is ineligible for a Subject Exhibition but who has otherwise satisfied all other requirements for the award.

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26 Literature Subject Exhibition QUINN, MAYA CAETLYN John Curtin College of the Arts Fremantle
27 Materials Design and Technology Subject Exhibition WATTS, ESTHER South Coast Baptist College Waikiki
28 Mathematics Applications Subject Exhibition LAU, NATHAN John XXIII College Mt Claremont
29 Mathematics Methods Subject Exhibition SONG, JANE EUNYOUNG Melville Senior High School Melville
30 Mathematics Specialist Subject Exhibition DUFFIELD, ZANE Hale School Wembley Downs
31 Media Production and Analysis Subject Exhibition MARSH, SIENNA MICHELLE John Tonkin College Mandurah
32 Modern History Subject Exhibition CRUMP, ALEXANDER Scotch College Claremont
33 Music Subject Exhibition GHARBI, KAYVAN Trinity College East Perth
34 Outdoor Education Subject Exhibition SERGEANT, MATILDA Newman College Churchlands
35 Philosophy and Ethics Subject Exhibition GREEN, REBECCA MARY Perth Modern School Subiaco
36 Physical Education Studies Subject Exhibition CURTIS, ABBEY Sacred Heart College Wangara
37 Physics Subject Exhibition ANDERSON LOAKE, MAX Hale School Wembley Downs
38 Politics and Law Subject Exhibition REVELL, CAITLIN JANE Perth Modern School Subiaco
39 Psychology Subject Exhibition CHI, ALEX EUI Perth Modern School Subiaco
40 Religion and Life Subject Exhibition FAULDS, RILEY CBC Fremantle Fremantle
41 Visual Arts Subject Exhibition CLEMENTS, MELISSA Perth College Mt Lawley
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