Top Schools, Ranked by VCE 40+ Pct, Victoria, 2016

This report ranks the Victorian VCE schools in order according to their VCE 40+ percentage measure, as published by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

The VCE 40+ percentage is the proportion of VCE study scores of 40 or more at each school.

Where two schools have equal 40+ percentage measures, the total count of 40+ scores is used as a secondary ranking measure.

Note that this report is an excerpt. To see the complete set of award statistics for each school, please refer to the Vic School VCE Statistics report.

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626 Philippine Language School of Victoria Braybrook     1 1
627 Pythagoras Greek School Brighton     1 1
628 Stonnington School of Dance Murrumbeena     1 1
629 Theatre De La Danse Brighton     1 1
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