Student VCE H.A. Rankings (by Scores), Victoria, 2016

This report lists and counts the High Achiever awards won by each VCE student in the selected year.

The scores can be ordered by each student's total number of awards (ranking by Count) or by the numeric values of the scores (ranking by Scores).

Rankings within a school or subject can be viewed by filtering on the school or subject name.

Where students have equal study scores, entries are listed alphabetically.

Note that because this report excludes all student study scores that are below 40, it does not differentiate between students who have equal sets of 40+ scores but different overall study results.

14 of 13089 entries are shown.
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13076 ZHENG, Yin Zhou Ingram Melbourne High School South Yarra 1 40
13077 ZHONG, Beini Gleneagles Secondary College Endeavour Hills 1 40
13078 ZHONG, William Ding-Ye Balwyn High School Balwyn North 1 40
13079 ZHOU, Elly Balwyn High School Balwyn North 1 40
13080 ZHOU, Yufan Blackburn High School Blackburn 1 40
13081 ZHU, Angus Box Hill High School Box Hill 1 40
13082 ZHU, Ronghao Haileybury Ningbo Li Hui Li High School China 1 40
13083 ZHU-MAGUIRE, Isabelle Kilbreda College Mentone 1 40
13084 ZIA, Rimsha Pascoe Vale Girls Secondary College Pascoe Vale 1 40
13085 ZIDOV, Ana Bentleigh Secondary College East Bentleigh 1 40
13086 ZOU, Jimin Haileybury Chengdu Shude High School Chengdu China 1 40
13087 ZOU, Sharon Presentation College Windsor 1 40
13088 ZULLI, Melissa Alessandra Siena College Camberwell 1 40
13089 ZWAR, Joan Marie Camberwell Anglican Girls Grammar School Canterbury 1 40
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