Student HSC Subject Top Achievers, New South Wales, 2016

This report shows the top achievers in each HSC subject, along with their ranking as assigned by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Students must achieve a band 6 or band E4 result in the relevant subject to appear in this list. Rankings are calculated from student HSC marks in the subject, or, where this results in a tie, from the average of the students' examination and assessment marks.

The number of top achievers reported varies from 5 to 20, according to the number of candidates taking each subject.

25 of 864 entries are shown.
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1 Earth and Environmental Science Booth, Victoria Isobel 6 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
2 Earth and Environmental Science Clarkson, Marnie Elise 9 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
3 English as a Second Language Chen, Jiayue (Suzie) 3 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
4 English as a Second Language Zhang, Zixin (Starry) 8 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
5 Geography Clarkson, Marnie Elise 4 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
6 Geography Healey, Sarah Jean 9 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
7 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Clarkson, Marnie Elise 10 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
8 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Glendinning, Emma Kate 13 Abbotsleigh Wahroonga
9 Arabic Continuers Al-Sulaiman, Mona 1 Al-Faisal College Auburn
10 Hospitality Examination Charniya, Muskan Anis 7 Al-Faisal College Auburn
11 Design and Technology Lutton, Timothy 3 Albury High School Albury
12 Business Studies Coorey, Amanda 5 All Saints Catholic Senior College Casula
13 Construction Examination Djurdjevic, Stefan 10 All Saints Catholic Senior College Casula
14 Studies of Religion I O'Callaghan, Hannah 1 All Saints College St Marys Campus Maitland
15 Modern Greek Continuers Stivaktas, Catherine 3 All Saints Greek Orthodox Grammar School South Belmore
16 Mathematics Extension 2 Mustavi, Amir Mohammad 4 Alpha Omega Senior College Auburn
17 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Atalay, Ayse 6 Amity College Prestons Prestons
18 Turkish Continuers Erdogan, Alperen 3 Amity College Prestons Prestons
19 Turkish Continuers Habiboglu, Kerim 4 Amity College Prestons Prestons
20 Turkish Continuers Tok, Emine 5 Amity College Prestons Prestons
21 English Extension 2 Strokirch, Torsten 4 Armidale High School Armidale
22 German Continuers Lambros, Katherine 2 Ascham School Edgecliff
23 German Continuers Arnott, Kate 5 Ascham School Edgecliff
24 German Extension Lambros, Katherine 5 Ascham School Edgecliff
25 Music Extension Huang, Amy 4 Ascham School Edgecliff
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